Based on a life-long journey as a performer in classical music, I am investigating similarities and connections between music performance and leadership innovation.

As a musician I value the creation of new forms of presentations which actively include listeners in the performance practise. On receiving invitations to conduct ensembles I always seek to open up the potential of the talent involved and explore their aspirations surrounding the music.

Over the last decade, I have focussed on inspiring young conductors and ensembles as an  increasingly important activity in developing upcoming generations of professional musicians.  As a conducting pedagogue I work with numerous talented musicians as they attend the conducting education program Voces Academy as well as receiving invitations as a guest masterclass teacher in respected tertiary institutions.

Through my work with Exart Performances, I appear as speaker and facilitator for executive leadership education programs within leading business schools in Oxford, Copenhagen and across the globe.  In these workshops I transform knowledge and experience from the performing arts into core leadership principles that can be understood and used across any industry.


C.L. Ibsens Vej 39
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Voces Academy

Exart Performances